Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2 Home training package # 2

Home training package # 2

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Berlin - Jet black - S
Berlin - Jet black - S

Color: Jet black

Berlin - Jet black - S

Size: S

Legal Beauty Resistance Band Set - Medium - 1 Set
Legal Beauty Resistance Band Set - Medium - 1 Set

Qty: 1 set

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Stay active at home and bomb yourself with our training tape set + sports belt.

The Home Training Package includes the following products:

  • 1 Legal Beauty Training Strap Set
  • 1 London waistband sports belt

With our training strap set , you're sure to move your whole body anywhere, anytime. Our set includes 4 medium-strength different types of straps, so that you can train every part of your body most accurately.

The set includes:

- 2 75cm circular training straps in pink and blue:

These are specifically designed to shape your buttocks, thighs and hips. The set also includes two of these so that you can continuously increase the resistance, so if only one of them is not intense enough, feel free to use two at a time for certain exercises.

- 1 piece of 110 cm circle training strap in red:

Due to its size, this product is more suitable for application to the ankles, so that you can train intensively for longer lengths. The use of this can also be augmented with our other straps. Here we place the shorter strap on our thighs and the longer one on our ankles. For example, walking squats or walking.

- 1 piece of 150 cm training strap (unstitched) in black and white:

Because the sides of the product are not sewn together, they can be easily hooked, tied or even resisted anywhere. With this tape, we can easily train the upper body as well, because its length allows for exercises that require full arm extension. Eg: biceps lifting, chin pulling.

- Carrying case:

In addition to the 4 tapes, our set also includes a bag in which we can easily store and take the products with us. It is made of a well-ventilated net, which also makes it easier for the product to dry well and ventilate after intense workouts.


  • It is very safe to use, with minimal risk of injury.
  • It's always at hand, you can take it with you when you travel, it fits easily and in a small space.
  • It's a great way to move your muscles throughout the day, even at work, even at work.
  • Even a beach, hike, vacation is an easy way to replace dumbbells and gyms.
  • Perfect for training at home, even while watching TV.

The strength of the tapes can be increased (built on top of each other) if we use not one, but two pieces at a time. Almost any gym or home workout sessions can be enhanced with one of our straps.

Can be used by children, the elderly, and even pregnant mothers, as it is a perfect choice, with no risk of overload.
Both sides are made of latex-free woven fabric that does not stick to or irritate the skin. It can also be used by people with allergies, as the skin does not come into contact with the rubber, so for those, too, who are sensitive to the rubber band, these are a perfect choice.

The delicate material of our London waistband sports belt ensures comfortable wear, while sweating through its heat-generating properties, helping to burn fat, remove cellulite and toxins.

The shaping is aided by 4 elastic plastic stiffeners on the back that are responsible for the ideal posture and relieving the waist during sports or even in casual wear.

At our London sports belt The velcro instead of staples makes it easier to put on or take off. The extra velcro strap's strong velcro strap provides an even more stable hold and instantly slimmers spectacularly.

The main function of our London sports belt is to improve posture and relieve the waist, making it easy to avoid minor injuries. Unlike the London sports belt, the Alaska sauna belt has no braces; its main function is to increase sweating and detoxification by increasing extra heat production.

We’re now giving away a legal beauty to our London sports belt measuring tape. Delivered in a unique gift box.

Cesarean delivery, resp. After fresh abdominal surgery, buy a high-rise panties or a thin cotton top under the sports belt, or ask your doctor for advice. Do not use a sports belt or corset at all during pregnancy!

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